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By Glenn Fabry, Ben Cormack

Книга для тех, кто увлекается рисовать фэнтэзи. Довольно подробно описано как рисовать фэнтэзи с точки зрения анатомии. В книге более three hundred цветных иллюстраций.

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Antigone lets us know that her brother is unique, irreplaceable. There will never be another like him. His value to her depends on nothing he has done nor on any of his qualities. She refuses to justify her love for him by giving reasons for it, she calls on no authority, no diety, none of the laws of the polis to sanction the deed she undertakes on his behalf. ” Lacan summarizes her stance this way: “Antigone invokes no other right than that one [‘this brother is something unique’], a right that emerges in the language of the ineffaceable character of what is [‘my brother is my brother’].

It is similarly clear that when he describes the Vorstellungrepräsentanz, or ideational representative, as a “delegate” of the body in the psyche—a delegate, specifically, that betrays its mandator—Freud is actually allowing this ideational representative to displace and forbid passage back to the naive notion of a body existing apart from its delegate, which sends the latter forth as its representative. The traitorous delegate and the partial object act not as evidence of a body or a Thing existing elsewhere, but as evidence of the fact that the body and satisfaction have lost the support of the organic body and the noumenal Thing.

The notion to which I refer is the one suggested by psychoanalysis, where the body is conceived not “biopolitically” as the seat of death but, rather, as the seat of sex. Contrary to what Foucault has claimed, the sexualization of the body by psychoanalysis does not participate in the regime of biopolitics; it opposes it. Borrowing Badiou’s phrase, one could put it this way: through its definition of the sexualized body, psychoanalysis provided the world with a secularized notion of infinity. Or: the concept of an immortal individual body, which Kant could not quite bring himself to articulate, is finally thinkable in Freud.

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