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Amazon Planet (A book in the United Planets series) by Mack Reynolds

By Mack Reynolds

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Gourmets would have drooled over it back on Earth. Guy downed a sizeable glass of citrus juice and began to load his plate. After yesterday's activity, he was famished. " "But, I'd love to, darling. " "Just about everything, damn it. The longer I'm here, the less I seem to understand. " "Start with history," Guy said around a bite of eggs. He wondered if they were hen eggs, decided they probably were. Man had taken the hen with him, as he had the pig and cow, to just about every world that would support his life form.

He stood in the center of the room again, looking about. Finally he pulled the ring from his finger, took it in his left hand and with the nail of his little finger, activated it by flicking an all but microscopic stud. He started at the orderbox and the vizo-phone on the table near the bed, passing the ring over and about, slowly, carefully. There was no reaction. Slowly then, he went about the rest of the room, over each piece of furniture, over each decorative device, up and down the walls. It took him a full half hour.

It's a very loosely knit organization and practically powerless. It isn't and was never meant to be a super-government. " They were frowning unhappily at his words, unhappily and half unbelievingly. He shook his head. "In actuality, most planets join the orgaization to be assured of not being interfered with. They want protection against their neighboring worlds which have possibly different political, socioeconomic or religious institutions than their own. " They were uncomprehending. Guy sighed.

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