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Albion Dreaming: A Popular History of LSD in Britain by Andy Roberts

By Andy Roberts

Opposite to well known trust, LSD is far extra hooked up to Britain than it truly is to the united states. This enticing ebook appears to be like on the use of LSD in British society, from its arrival in 1952 to the current day. It presents a hidden historical past of a arguable drug and the way it permeated British culture.The writer explores LSD’s use by way of the scientific career in treating numerous mental and psychological difficulties. while, The Ministry of Defence believed they have been close to harnessing LSD as a battlefield incapacitation drug which might permit wars to be received with out death. yet LSD’s reputation rose with its use one of the British counterculture, from the Fifties beatniks via to the past due 80s acid condo events. At its top, while it used to be criminal, LSD affected the lives and philosophies of important contributors (politicians, scientists, writers, educators, entertainers, artists, newshounds) in addition to traditional humans for sturdy and undesirable. This e-book is the 1st to discover LSD’s remarkable effect on British tradition and society.

Andy Roberts is a characteristic author for the Fortean instances journal. he's the writer of thirteen books and is a expert to the BBC. He lives in Flintshire, North Wales.

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