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Advanced color image processing and analysis by Christine Fernandez-Maloigne

By Christine Fernandez-Maloigne

This quantity does even more than survey glossy complicated colour processing. beginning with a old viewpoint on methods we've categorised colour, it units out the newest numerical thoughts for interpreting and processing shades, the vanguard in our seek to safely list and print what we see. The human eye perceives just a fraction of obtainable mild wavelengths, but we are living in a multicolor international of myriad shining colorations. shades wealthy in metaphorical institutions make us “purple with rage” or “green with envy” and reason us to “see red.” Defining colours has been the paintings of centuries, culminating in today’s complicated mathematical coding that still continues to be a piece in growth: only in the near past have we possessed the computing skill to method the algebraic matrices that reproduce colour extra effectively. With chapters on dihedral colour and photograph spectrometers, this ebook presents technicians and researchers with the information they should take hold of the intricacies of today’s colour imaging.

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5◦ and above a stimulus size of 100 , these results are extrapolations, and must be treated with caution. 4 Problems with CIECAM02 Since the recommendation of the CIECAM02 colour appearance model [6, 7] by CIE TC8-01 Colour appearance modelling for colour management systems, it has been used to predict colour appearance under a wide range of viewing conditions, to specify colour appearance in terms of perceptual attributes, to quantify colour differences, to provide a uniform colour space and to provide a profile connection space for colour management.

2 CIECAM02 and Its Recent Developments 35 The results revealed a visual phenomena known as Hunt effect [34]. It refers to the fact that the colourfulness of a colour stimulus increases due to the increase of luminance. This effect highlights the importance of considering the absolute luminance level in colour appearance models, which is not considered in traditional colorimetry. 2 Stevens Effect Stevens and Stevens [35] asked observers to make magnitude estimations of the brightness of stimuli across various adaptation conditions.

The second one is to fit all the corresponding colour data sets. This approach indeed ensures the CAT02 with the new matrix predicts corresponding colours with nonnegative tristimulus values which is important in many applications. However, this approach does not solve the mathematical failure problem for the CIECAM02. Recently, Li et al. [14] proposed a mathematical approach for ensuring the achromatic signal A being non-negative, at the same time the CIECAM02 should fit all the colour appearance data sets.

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