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A Plain English Guide to Legal Terms by National Adult Literacy Agency

By National Adult Literacy Agency

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Preference When insolvent paying one creditor while leaving other creditors unpaid. 50 Preference shares Preference shares Pro tempore (pro tem)* A share entitled to a fixed dividend. Temporary or for the time being. Preferential creditor Probate A creditor who has to be paid in full before unsecured creditors can be paid anything. Authority to deal with a dead person's estate. Prescription The law which regulates wills and other matters related to the distribution of a deceased person's estate.

38 Jury Jury Knock for knock A group of people, usually 12, who review all the evidence in a court case and then come to a verdict. An agreement between insurance companies that they will pay for their own policyholders' losses regardless of who was to blame. Jury service Serving on a jury. Just and equitable winding up A winding up ordered because fairness cannot be achieved for all the members of a company. Justification Claiming that a defamatory statement is true. Juvenile offender A person aged between 7 and 17 who has committed a criminal offence.

Salvage Addition attached to a completed document. Compensation paid by the owners for saving ships, aircraft and property from the sea. Right of way Sanction A legal right obliging the owner of land to allow authorised people to cross it. To ratify, to approve or to punish. Rights issue An issue of extra shares by a company. Riot A gathering of people using, or threatening to use, violence to achieve a common end. Riparian rights Rights of owners of land on a river bank. Robbery Using or threatening to use force while carrying out a theft.

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