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A Moveable Feast (Scribner Classic) by Ernest Hemingway

By Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway's thoughts of his lifestyles as an unknown author residing in Paris within the Twenties are deeply own, warmly affectionate and entire of wit. He remembers the time whilst, bad, chuffed and writing in cafes, he came upon his vocation.

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This book began magnificently, went on very well for a long way with great stretches of great brilliance and then went on endlessly in repetitions that a more conscientious and less lazy writer would have put in the waste basket. i came to know it very well as i got - forced, perhaps, would be the word -ford madox ford to publish it in the transatlantic review serially, knowing that it would outrun the life of the review. for publication in the review i had to read all of miss stein's proof for her as this was a work which gave her no happiness.

She herself wanted to be published in the atlantic monthly, she told me, and she would be. she told me that i was not a good enough writer to be published there or in the saturday evening post but that i might be some new sort of writer in my own way, but the first thing to remember was not to write stories that were inaccrochable. i did not argue about this nor try to explain again what i was trying to do about conversation. that was my own business and it was much more interesting to listen.

She had cried for the horse, i remembered, but not for the money. i had been stupid when she needed a grey lamb jacket and had loved it once she had bought it. i had been stupid about other things too. it was all part of the fight against poverty that you never win except by not spending. especially if you buy pictures instead of clothes. but then we did not think ever of ourselves as poor. we did not accept it. we thought we were superior people and other people that we looked down on and rightly mistrusted were rich.

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