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A historical album of New Jersey by F. Topper/C. Wills

By F. Topper/C. Wills

A background of latest Jersey, from its early exploration and payment to the country this day.

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The rivalry between New York and New Jersey intensified in 1679, when New York's governor, Sir Edmund Andros, demanded that New Jerseyans pay taxes to New York. The people refused to do so, with the strong support of East Jersey's governor, Philip Carteret. An enraged Governor Andros ordered troops to kidnap Carteret and bring him to New York City as a prisoner.  Carteret was the cousin of Sir George Carteret, one of the two original proprietors (owners) of New Jersey; Philip named the colony's first capital Elizabethtown after Sir George's wife.

Known as a brave but reckless officer, he was nicknamed Kill Cavalry by his men. because they wore the cut-out heads of copper pennies on their lapels. And although Lincoln won reelection in 1864, most New Jerseyans voted for the Democratic candidate, George McClellan, who promised a quick end to the war. ) The war finally ended in April 1865 with the defeat of the Confederacy. The guns had hardly fallen silent when an assassin's bullet claimed the life of President Lincoln. Thousands of tearful New Jerseyans lined the tracks as the funeral train bearing his body home to Illinois passed through the state.

On the home front, New Jersey's civilians worked hard to support the Union war effort. The state government raised more than $2 million to help pay the costs of the war.  Within two years of the war's outbreak, about 30,000 New Jerseyans had volunteered for service, and Warren County sent more soldiers, relative to its population, than any other county in the Northern states. tories, workshops, and shipyards of industrial New Jersey turned out weapons, supplies, and ships for the Union army and navy.

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