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A Cure for Gravity: A Musical Pilgrimage by Joe Jackson

By Joe Jackson

Since the discharge of his first best-selling album Look Sharp in 1979, Joe Jackson has solid a unique profession in track via his originality as a composer and his notoriously self sustaining stance towards music-business style. He has additionally been a famously deepest individual, whose loss of curiosity in his personal superstar has been interpreted by means of a few as aloofness. That acceptance is shattered via A healing for Gravity, Jackson's greatly humorous and revealing memoir of turning out to be up musical, from a culturally impoverished youth in a coarse English port city to the Royal Academy of song, via London's Punk and New Wave scenes, as much as the threshold of dad stardom. Jackson describes his lifestyles as a teenage Beethoven enthusiast; his early piano gigs for audiences of glass-throwing skinheads; and his days at the street with long-forgotten membership bands. faraway from a standard-issue famous person autobiography, A medication for Gravity is a brilliant, passionate booklet approximately song, the artistic approach, and coming of age as an artist.

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I have to remind myself that there are worse things than sentimentality. The Russians, for instance, revel in it -they believe it's at least halfway to real emotion, and therefore better than nothing. Experience also tells me that part of this tune's poignancy comes, like "The Runaway Train," but more so, from an artful juxtaposition of major or key is repeatedly harmonized and nor. In this case, a tune in a with major chords, at points where the ear seems to expect a minor chord, so that we always feel the clouds are just about to lift-but they never quite do.

Chris wasn't saying anything. But t hated the house. I also hated our only A CURE FOR GRAVITY &j neighbor::, a pair of lugubrious little trolls cded P e w and Den, whom my motbzr called Pig and Dig. Turtenq years later, I gat my hair cut by a man in Melbourne, Australia who clainled not only to know nothing about music, but to actudy disd because of its sheer novelty-everyone, if h d of music, some of the b e . X t ww so unusud that it took me back to the last t h e someone had made that claim: my next-door neighbor at Meadow Walk, Bridgemary, Gosport.

But I klt not so much, that X was playing music to praise God, but that Go& church eldsted to honor the music. Was rhis blasphemy? Qr was i on to somethhg? m o creased music, after all? riddm. I joined as occasional pianist and second percussionist. "-a cur% I'd never heard A CURB FOR GRAVITY 47 before and have never heard since. He was arrogant and pretentious, but he was a c:haracter, and he tau&t me a lot of percussion tecknigue, and 1 appreciatt:d him on both counts. In fact, I was the whole perassion section.

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